Thomas Haller

Thomas Haller

Minneapolis, MN, US

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It seems that determined thought, which leads to careful articulation of the product or scenario, can improve life. It is this phenomenon that engages us in new process and focuses our insight into expanding thought. We want things -- tools, spaces, environments -- to work with greater efficiency, to be more adaptable to a variety of situations, and inherently bring health and happiness to the beings that come in contact with them. We want our external existence to complement our internal, and if we consider the natural cycle, we expect a reciprocal effect. This interaction supplements the human condition. We thrive off the development of our surroundings, and in turn the quality in which we live in proceeds. As the designer, we look to be the instigator in this process. We feed the potential, and with careful consideration create a solution to the appropriately asked questions. Realizing the truth, honesty, and beauty in our creations is not solely based on intuition or the presupposed trend. We are not creating completely a new, and we are not re-manufacturing the existing -- in totality we are elaborating on the connections.

I am a Master of Architecture graduate, hailing from Kansas State University trying to make my own connections, currently looking for employment, which I hope to be a catalyst into further architectural design throughout my career. Recently, I was working for a local green building store in Austin, TX -- named Ecowise -- where I became very familiar with sustainable counter tops, cabinets, flooring materials, and various healthy interior finishes. Concurrent with this employment, I gained professional design/drafting experience in three instances -- with a couple starting a furniture design firm called Wayward Designs, at Sledd Landscape Nursery working on exterior design projects with my employer, and on contract based design assignments which focused on interior residential remodels. Now with this background, I am trying to place myself in a reputable and reliable niche within an active, fast-paced professional environment -- with a successful, productive, and heedful architectural firm.



MS&R, Minneapolis, MN, US, Architectural Designer

Nov 2012 - current

Habitat for Humanity, Minneapolis, MN, US, Volunteer Construction Laborer

-volunteered with construction teams performing such tasks as raising wood framing, fastening lap siding,
framing and installing doors/windows, hanging drywall, placing wood floors, and planting landscapes

Jun 2012 - current

Personal Contract Architectural Design, Minneapolis, MN, US, Contract Architectural Designer

-produced plans, sections, and elevations for a redesigned kitchen and library remodel project
-gained experience communicating with the customer, general contractor, and customer cabinet contractor

May 2012 - current

Sledd Landscape Nursery, Austin, TX, US, Draftsman and Sales Associate

-drafted landscape designs for customers with respect to the design outlined by my supervisor
-informed and sold customers nursery plants and supplemental horticultural products
-developed total estimates for design projects to communicate to the customer
-performed general duties of maintenance, care, and labor for the nursery and landscape projects

Mar 2011 - Mar 2012

Ecowise: Green Building Supply Store, Austin, TX, US, Department Manager and Sales Associate

-managed Paint/Stain, Biocompostable/Delivery, and Warehouse Departments
-informed and sold customers/contractors on environmentally conscious building/remodeling materials
-performed retail managerial tasks such as placing purchase orders, sales orders, and retail store inventory
-acted as the IT technician for the store as well as helped with basic website and advertising designs
-pioneered a grant proposal for more efficient biodiesel distribution to the City of Austin

Dec 2010 - Mar 2012

Wayward Designs, Austin, TX, US, Contract Graphic/Drafting Designer

-assisted a start-up furniture design business with graphic and product design concepts
-designed the logo, brand, and created scaled perspective drawings of furniture pieces to present to investors

Apr 2011 - Nov 2011


Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS, US, MArch, Master of Architecture

First Year - Environmental Design Studies and Basic Arts Education
Second Year - Basic Schematic Development
Third Year - Digital Design implemented into Conceptual Development
Fourth Year - Conceptual Design realized in Technical Construction Design and Detailing
Fifth Year (1st Semester) - Urban Design Thesis investigating the current built Urban Environment, envisioning a Master Plan for future needs of the City
Fifth Year (2nd Semester) - Architectural Design Thesis developing a neighborhood with in the new Urban Context, creating a microcosm of the successful city at the neighborhood, building, and interior scales

Aug 2005 - May 2010


Heintzelmann Award, Honorable Mention

Academic Award Finalist for Premier Thesis Project


Areas of Specialization