Brooklyn, NY


Vaulted Willow

Located in a public park, Vaulted Willow is an ultra-lightweight architectural folly where form, structure, and ornamentation come together into a single unified system. Acting as a destination landmark, the overall morphology offers programmatic possibilities for joyful play and instills the park's visitors with a sense of curiosity and discovery.

The branching legs serves to distribute the weight while generating an engaging space. Its two-way gradient, morphs into a colorful Cheshire motif that invites its youthful visitors for a game of hide and seek.

The colors, though originated in its immediate environment, were developed into a more artificial color scheme. The striated skin is an intricate assembly of structural shingles. These are similar, yet unique, digitally fabricated stripes that overlap through their extended tabs to double material thickness.

The result is a structure that is settled within the context of the park yet signals an iconic destination.

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Status: Built
Location: Edmonton, AB, CA
Firm Role: Architect, Artist