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5 Reasons Your Staff Are Underperforming

If your staff are currently underperforming then this can be a hugely frustrating situation to deal with. There are many different reasons why this could be happening, and getting to the root of the problem can seem impossible at times. However, if you are going to make improvements in this respect then it is vital that you take a step back and try to work out what the main problem is.

Poor Air Quality

Are your employees getting sick far too often to perform to a good standard? This is often a sign that the building is suffering from poor air quality. Fortunately, there are a few easy ways of fixing this. For example, you could fit ceiling fans, use humidifiers or add some plants to the office. All of these ideas can very quickly give you a better quality of air for everyone to breathe all day long. 

Too Many Hours of Work

Another possible problem that could affect your employees is if they are under pressure and tired through doing too many hours of work. Everyone works to the highest possible level for a certain number of hours each day, with some studies showing us as being productive for as little as 3 hours per day.

This doesn’t mean that you need to move to a 3-hour working day, but it does mean that you should be careful not to have people working for too long. Sometimes, telling someone to go home after a long day is the best move for everyone concerned.

Perceived Lack of Rewards

We all work to a higher standard when we feel that there is some form of reward waiting for us. Whether it is more money, promotion or some other reward, everyone needs an incentive to keep going.

If your staff don’t currently feel that they have rewards to aim for then it is going to be very difficult to motivate them to work harder and better. When you set objectives, these have to be tough but achievable and also have to offer some sort of tangible reward for the member of staff concerned.

Unclear Objectives

Some people work well even in uncertain situations. Yet, there are many others who struggle without a clear vision from their boss about what they should be doing.

If the team members are getting their priorities all wrong and focussing on the wrong areas then there is a good chance that they simply don’t know which objectives are the most important. This should prove to be a fairly easy issue to solve once it is identified, provided that you are clear on the objectives that each person should have.

Lack of Training

A lack of training could also turn out to be a huge issue in your company. This is often identified in constant errors of the same type cropping up. When people simply don’t know the right way to do things then it is vital that you put them right. Arranging some training urgently will get them back on track quickly and efficiently. 

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