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The Lighting Practice Illuminates Historic Laurel Hill Cemetery

Darcy Veneziale
Feb 26, '20 4:50 PM EST
The Lighting Practice Illuminates Historic Laurel Hill Cemetery
The Lighting Practice Illuminates Historic Laurel Hill Cemetery

Laurel Hill Cemetery is stepping out of the shadows in a multiphase project to showcase its natural and architectural beauty in the Philadelphia community. This month marked the completion of the first phase of The Lighting Practice’s lighting master plan for the 184-year-old cemetery, which illuminates historic mausoleums and nearby trees along Kelly Drive and Hunting Park Avenue for enhanced nighttime visibility to passerby.

The Lighting Practice was selected by Laurel Hill to develop a lighting system that illuminates the cemetery while respecting the integrity of the grounds, which serve as the final resting place for more than 75,000 people including many prominent American figures.

While the cemetery has expanded to 78 acres since its founding and has become a National Historic Landmark and a certified arboretum, the grounds previously went black at night. The new lighting master plan highlights both the mausoleums and the surrounding landscape after dark to equally showcase the architecture and its natural context.

“Lighting can become a medium for telling a place’s story in a visual, wordless way,” said Alfred Borden, FIALD, CLD, MIES, founder and principal of TLP. “Laurel Hill Cemetery is a beautiful graveyard with an amazing landscape of ornate monuments, poignant sculptures, and towering trees. Urbanity, splendor, and the inevitability of death – so many stories to tell.

TLP chose LED sources with precise options to eliminate glare and accurately light the intended features. The 93 in-ground RGBW LEDs are networked via a computerized control system. The cemetery will be predominately lit in warm white light, reminiscent of candlelight, although the lighting system offers some color-changing flexibility for special occasions. The fixtures will turn off every evening at a preset time to preserve normal day/night cycles for the natural habitat.

TLP is proud to be part of the project to highlight this important Philadelphia landmark. The team looks forward to seeing the next two phases completed.

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