Beirut, LB


Beirut Souks Contemporary Public Art + Design Advising

Proposal to introduce Contemporary Public Art and Design works to the public areas of Downtown Beirut.

Among the many different works proposed, two were retained:

- 'The Visitor' by Belgian artist Arne Quinze, commissioned specifically for the site and that aims to counteract the monumentality and rigidity of the space with its tall, chaotic bright orange structure inspired by tree houses and shanty towns, like an alien spaceship that landed in Beirut Souks' orthogonal space. The Visitor rises 16 metres in height on slender legs that allow for pedestrians to circulate underneath.

-'Gloriette' by Argentinian artist Pablo Reinoso, commissioned for the Jewellers' Souk, is a redefinition of a bench and an invitation to sit down and rest away from the more crowded Souk areas. Its precise construction out of brushed stainless steel is reminiscent of the Jewellers' work.


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Status: Built
Location: Beirut, LB