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Vote for "Minneapocalypse!" ends today!

By theMAW
Jan 7, '13 1:20 PM EST

Vote now!

'Minneapocalypse!' is a proposal created by the MAW Collective with lead artists Angela Olson, Andrea Steudel and Eben Kowler.  It is an entry in the $50K Minneapolis Creative City Challenge design competition for a temporary public installation in downtown Minneapolis for summer 2013. Vote for this proposal on Facebook by the end of today, January 7 (you have to "like" Mpls Convention Center and then click on "Vote" button).

The MAW Collective is proposing 'Minneapocalypse' for the Minneapolis Convention Center's 'Creative City Challenge'.  Minneapocalypse! is stripped- out, partially-buried school buses turned into low-fi film studio bunkers for a fictional post-apocalyptic world in which the major coastal cities have fallen to unknown natural disasters. A place for you to make the summertime blockbuster scenes that we can't live without!  A public vote will decide the top 5 candidates.