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SINK. A project which questions the concept of customizable designs for commonly used products. Consumers have various perspectives on how certain items of use need to be, in terms of usability and aesthetics. Sink challenges this notion.Daily use items fall under the capitalist bracket and are constantly evolved to induce consumer demand while at the same time try to balance the said demand.

We are trying to prove that design when approached with the right frame of mind can translate into an ageless design, a design that can be used by anyone and everyone and at any time.The sink is a series of small scale product designs with the same concept where utility and aesthetics find common ground.

The first of many is SINK.01. Minimalist daily wear ring for all Generations. A daily wear ring inspired by the step wells of India. The form is rectangular, indicating a solid rock, while the circular void is indicative of dynamic motion in an otherwise static form. In other words, the void breaks the rigidity of which the form commands. The core function of any ring is the aesthetics and there are predominant changes of looks in various ways depending upon the consumer. The main concept behind this design is to break that notion and bring in a more generalized design in terms of aesthetics, which is minimal yet content.

The finger’s cylindrical shape works in principle with the circular void of the ring. This particular form relation is what makes the ring tie into every finger it sits on making it a universal design. Balance is of utmost importance, Sheer comfort while wearing the ring as the band/shank weighs out the head. The design of the ring is not to emphasize the product itself but to showcase the actual 'art' through the open void in the center which is the user. 

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Status: Built
Location: Chennai, IN