Thaneem Rayan

Thaneem Rayan

Chennai, IN

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Hey there, I’m Thaneem, an architecture graduate from Measi Academy of Architecture with a knack for mastering software and diving into entrepreneurial ventures. From co-founding startups like Repair Lab and Standowt to honing my skills as a junior architect at Skyline Construction and IH Group, I’ve garnered rich experience and a reputation for exceeding expectations. Now, I’m eager to bring my blend of creativity and expertise to a new architectural role.


IH Group, Chennai, IN, Architect

At IH Group, I applied my Skyline experience, excelling in design and rendering, earning acclaim before transitioning to freelance architecture.

Mar 2023 - Jun 2023

Skyline Construction, Chennai, IN, Junior Architect

During my tenure at Skyline, I flourished as a junior architect, showcasing prowess in diverse architectural facets and earning commendable reputation from employers for my proactive approach and continuous learning.

Dec 2021 - Mar 2023


MEASI Academy of Architecture, Chennai, IN, BArch, Architecture and Planning

Attended Measi, a prestigious college in Chennai, where I garnered a strong reputation through consistent hard work, despite struggling with theoretical aspects. Recognized for my adept problem-solving abilities and strong visualization skills, I prioritized ongoing learning post-graduation. Despite challenges, I graduated with flying colors, earning respect from professors and peers alike.

Jun 2016 - Aug 2021


COVID-Friendly Marketplace Design, 2nd Place

Our team of three diligently crafted a prize-winning design, showcasing simplicity and innovative problem-solving. Our standout presentation technique added an extra layer of distinction to our work, reflecting our dedication and ingenuity.


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