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Big Four Station Park selected for 2015 AIA Kentucky Merit Award

By bkjones
Nov 30, '15 1:22 PM EST

TEG Architects and the City of Jeffersonville were recently awarded the 2015 AIA Kentucky Merit Award for the design of Big Four Station Park.  The award, presented during the AIA Ohio Valley Region Convention, recognizes works exhibiting architectural design excellence.

The Big Four Station Park represents the first new public space designed in Jeffersonville, Indiana since 1891. The plan’s design was driven to wow and welcome pedestrian traffic to the historic downtown and business district from the Big Four Pedestrian Bridge. The design engages history, social event space and recreational activity.

Design and Symbolism

Features include four internally-lit, custom light towers ranging from 25 to 50 feet tall, a concrete plaza, cascading water feature, open-air pavilion and public restrooms. Park benches, bike racks, trash receptacles and drinking fountains are located throughout the site for public use and convenience. New concrete sidewalks were installed along the park’s perimeter with additional walks and parking provided at designated entry points.

The design symbolizes several historical events and attributes of the surrounding community. The colored glass water mark aligns with the 1937 flood line – approx. 16.5’ above grade level. The fountain represents the nearby Falls of the Ohio and is constructed of Indiana limestone. The pavilion and restroom canopy emulate adjacent residential archetype with columns designed to symbolize the branches Indiana Sycamore trees.

Several structures and elements on the site were part of Jeffersonville’s early history. Many houses were relocated for restoration and reuse, in lieu of being torn down. Existing railroad footings also remained to honor the historic railroad.

“As the first public space in Jeffersonville in over a hundred years,” said the AIA Kentucky jury committee, “this is clearly a project will all eyes on it. Public open space is often one of the key factors that contribute to the quality of life on any municipality. The park managed to create a civic presence by its scale and design for the community while tending to the needs of the individual. The jury appreciates the reference to local culture, materials, history and phenomena while its design is unabashedly modern.”

Big Four Station Park Project Team
Architect: TEG Architects LLC
Structural Engineer: TRC Worldwide Engineering, Inc.
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: CMTA Consulting Engineers
Landscape Architect: Taylor Siefker Williams Design Group
Aquatic Consultant: Aquatic & Recreation Design
General Contractor: Wycliffe Enterprises, Inc.

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