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Ted Moudis Associates

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Initiative: Chicago

Initiative is a part of the Mediabrands family under the IPG umbrella of marketing agencies. Ted Moudis designed a new workplace for the organization, helping them to transition from an office heavy setting and bring the Initiative Chicago office into the “open office” standard being practiced throughout the country at other Initiative and IPG locations.

Initiative tasked TMA with the goal to make their now very open space still feel welcoming and relaxed. TMA delivered by juxtaposing warm woods with contemporary metal finishes and adding splashes of branded colors throughout of bright pink, lime green, and cyan blue. Another task was to incorporate their MillerCoors Media family into the space, as MillerCoors is Initiative Chicago’s biggest client. This was communicated thru creative placement of large MillerCoors artwork throughout their space, creating a gathering space where MillerCoors products were to be celebrated & consumed, and incorporating MillerCoors Media’s logo into the reception.

Ultimately, Initiative has been provided with a well-functioning office for the many tasks happening for their teams throughout the day. One of the main areas represented throughout the core of the floor plan are the meetings rooms, closed door, and open. These rooms are equipped with technology to aid the teams in their discussions, writeable surface on one wall for visual communication, and a tackable acoustic surface to also allow for greater privacy during brain storming sessions.

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Status: Built
Location: Chicago, IL, US
Firm Role: Architect and Interior Designer
Additional Credits: Engineering: ESD
General Contractor: GSI
Photography: Brent Gollnick