Tyler Bracken

Tyler Bracken

New York, NY, US


Thesis Project

Kinetic is a luxury boutique fitness complex dedicated to making fitness seem as enthralling as bar hopping. It aims to entice young affluent New Yorkers to incorporate physical activity into their hectic schedules, by reinventing the "typical" gym; an impersonal, uninspiring and monotonous environment.
Kinetic has created an exclusive vibrant social community, through a variety of newly released, high energy group fitness classes, which leave you revitalized and wanting more. In addition, the beat pumping juice bar and lounge is the perfect solution for refueling before or after a workout. The lounge offers the ideal venue to socialize while listening to the latest hits of up and coming DJs.

Kinetic hopes to provide young New Yorkers with a healthy alternative for mingling; still fulfilling the social-high they crave on a Saturday night.

To create a energetic and motivational atmosphere that promotes healthy living and social interaction.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Lead Designer