Taylor LaForge

Taylor LaForge

Brooklyn, NY, US



I am a Master of Architecture graduate from Pratt's Graduate Architecture and Urban Design Program in Brooklyn. I come to this field as an anthropologist, first and foremost focused on the study of people in their respective environments. Architecture is the means by which we fit our surroundings to the lives we seek to live. It is, at its foundation, the intersection of structure and culture. My multi-disciplinary background has afforded me a fresh eye and a comprehensive understanding of part to whole. 

I believe that cultural and site context and research is hugely important to the development of a design, and I view architecture as a vehicle for improving the human experience.

Take a look at my website ( for some sample work that express the range of my areas of focus and the respective skills fostered - from architectural conceptual design to construction documentation, ethnographic research to photography. 



Pratt Institute, MArch, GAUD

Aug 2012 - May 2015