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Lecture: Will Bruder, Will Bruder + Partners

By lacroixa
Feb 13, '12 1:23 PM EST

For 40 years, Will Bruder has explored contextually inventive architectural solutions. Will is a craftsman in his concern for detail and building processes, and a sculptor with his unique sensitivity of space, materials, and light. Will’s ability to raise the ordinary to the extraordinary is renowned.

Will has a BFA degree in sculpture from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Supplementing his studio art education were studies in structural engineering, philosophy, art history, and urban planning, followed by architectural apprenticeships under Gunnar Birkerts and Paolo Soleri.

Will opened his studio in 1974, realizing over 500 commissions, 100 awards, and 1000 publications.

Part of Taubman College's Winter Lecture Series 2012.  For more: