Tate Harmer

Tate Harmer



York St. John University Creative Centre

We have been commissioned to complete a new Creative Centre for York St. John University to support new innovative courses, which comprises 2,600 sqm of flexible teaching areas, with a column-free floorplan to allow for a variety of potential configurations and greater modulability. A 210-seat rectangular auditorium is wrapped in pre-fabricated timber. A new atrium will become the civic heart of the site with 550 sqm of group learning and breakout space.

The auditorium will be an incredibly flexible space, with retractable seating. It will support a broad range of potential performances including multi-disciplinary and technology driven creative collaborations. Wrapping the auditorium is a sculptural timber cladding system.

Linking the teaching spaces and auditorium will be an atrium space creating three levels of communal area, effectively acting as a ‘mixing valve’ between creative disciplines. This communal mixing valve space will connect on the western side of the building with the existing Design Centre.

The project is due to complete in Spring 2021.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: York, UK
Firm Role: Architect