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Wave Surfing Building

Ocean inspired design. Big wave that comes from the ocean, with dark deep water in the bottom, ocean-green water in the middle and white foam on top.
Plenty of water everywhere: 4 pools, 12 streams, 4 tall waterfalls and 2 Niagara-like wide waterfalls.
People live ‘inside’ the wave, balconies are like surfboards! You surf the wave every time you come on the balcony.
Water streams start on the highest point of the residential area (right beneath the top pool) and go down to the two lowest pools, connecting all four pools together, showing the water flow ‘inside’ the wave. Four water streams create waterfalls over the hole in the middle of the wave. The water stream back is transparent, so people who live beneath the stream can enjoy the calm water flow over their apartments!

Lights are installed in a way to show the major shapes of the building in the night, to amplify the wave idea.

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Mixed use residential project, which includes:
1) 50 stories residential part. Area (approx.) = 2 185 065 m2. Height = 200m, 4m per floor;
2) Four pools (from top-to-bottom).
- Private/Rental no-swimming pool with semi-transparent walls/bottom at the top of the building, with beautiful clean-white design, 186 sakuras, walking area from semi-transparent plexiglass circular plates. Water area = 10 590 m2, Length (left - right) = 311m, Width (front - back) = 45m. Walking area = 11 270 m2, Length = 339m, Width = 64m;
- No-swimming pool in the hole in the middle of the residential part (wave). Water area = 3 856 m2;
- Smaller swimming pool with beautiful sandy beach in the front of the residential part, for private/rental use. 108 Palms. Water area = 4 950 m2, Length = 139m, Width = 52m. Beach area = 3 445 m2, Length = 169m, Width = 21m;
- Huge swimming pool with beautiful sandy beach in the back of the residential part, for public use. 424 Palms. Water area = 32 987 m2, Length = 50m, Width = 627m. Beach area = 12 052 m2, Length = 557m, Width = 20m;
- ‘Step’ wide waterfalls run down from the lowest pools to the ground, covering the 7 stories of the building beneath;
3) Hole in the middle of the wave. 12 stories tall. Height = 48m, Length (left - right) = 125m, Width (front - back) = 100m. With spectacular waterfalls on the sides (Area = 9 870 m2, front + backside), nice and peaceful grassy field with tall grass (Area = 7 028 m2), flower-themed lanterns, tall old oak trees and water around it all (second pool). Old-themed buildings on one side, with tall ancient chapel. Very ‘pixelated’/8-bit design on the other side, with smiley face ;), heart, sun and a bird ‘painted’/extruded from the wall. People who live on the old buildings side will always see smiley face, sun and heart whenever they look in the window or go outside on the balcony. Also stars on the ceiling in the night !
4) 7 stories mixed use part (commercial, entertainment, cultural) under the residential part. Height = 28m. Area = 1 290 485 m2;
5) 8 stories underground parking area. Height = 32m. Area = 1 642 000 m2;
6) 65 wind machines to generate electricity. 13 on top (in the middle of the top pool), 9 around the lowest front pool and 43 around the lowest back pool;
7) Semi-transparent solar panels installed in the 1/3 part of each window to generate electricity. Area = 91 745 m2;
8) 88 ‘Column Trees’ around the building. ‘Column Tree’ is a specially designed tall column with bushes and beautiful flowers around the bottom/middle part and 9 pots with short and tall palms on top. Which create these tall and thick ‘Column Trees’. Height = 27m;
9) Total dimensions of the building (except underground parking): Height (ground level – highest point of the top pool area) = 238m, Length (left - right) = 661m, Width (front - back) = 444m;
10) Underground parking total dimensions: Height = 32m, Length = 718m, Width = 484m;
11) Construction site size = 332 000 m2 (250 000 m2 minimum).

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Status: Unbuilt
My Role: Architectural Designer