Tanya Hockney

Tanya Hockney

New Orleans, LA, US



I am a recent MArch graduate seeking a full time position in architecture, design, and art mediums.  I am most interested in environmental design, wildlife restorative design, and community based design.  However, I love to be challenged and I am always ready to discover more about different areas in the architectural field.  I am confident in my technical and graphic skills, offering the ability to create, imagine and develop new concepts; approach existing elements in new ways and merge abstract ideas to form original solutions to problems.  I like working with people and am a team player with excellent communication skills.

Raised in NYC, currently living in New Orleans since graduation.  I am willing to locate anywhere for the right job.



Tulane University, New Orleans, LA, US, MArch, Cum Laude

Aug 2009 - May 2015