Kayla Tanner

Kayla Tanner

Los Angeles, CA, US



Hi! My name is Kayla Tanner and I am currently an Interior Architectural Design student at Santa Monica College. I decided to change career paths during the pandemic and pursue design and incorporate more creativity back into my life. I really enjoy finding creative and adaptable solutions to design problems besides making interiors feel inviting.

My primary goals are to complete my certificate and begin working for Interior Design-related companies. I am very interested in alternative living spaces such as tiny homes, ADUs, or camper vans. I have always been fascinated by convertible furniture and organizing small spaces to function efficiently. I am also interested in furniture design in general, especially when it comes to refurbishing or reclaiming parts into a new furniture piece that would eliminate waste and increase sustainability.

In my free time, I enjoy getting out of the city and surrounding myself with nature whenever possible. While outdoors, I enjoy skiing, hiking, and sitting around a nice, cozy, fire. When there is not enough time to go out of town, I enjoy cooking new recipes, playing board games or video games, and watching new movies or documentaries. 


Santa Monica College, Santa Monica, CA, US, Interior Architectural Design

Completed: Interior Architectural Design Fundamentals
In Progress: Interior Architectural Design Certificate of Achievement

Aug 2021 - current

Areas of Specialization