México Distrito Federal, MX


ZONA MACO | Art Fair Re-Design

ZONA MACO is the leading art fair in Latin America that gathers more than 70 galleries from all around the world. For the 15th edition, TANAT designed a new displacement based on urban concepts such as breaking a rigid grid, and improving flows by strategically placing six plazas, in order to nurture the visitor’s experience. 

By using two modular benches (semicircular and rectangular module), the plazas’ design is based on different modular organizations. The form of the circular bench generates the movement that breaks the orthogonal pattern of the exposed spaces, while the rectangular modules seek to form a modular object that can either be a bench, a table, or a higher stand. 

For the next years, the fair can continue on its urban improvement based on the experience that visitors and gallerists had in 2019. The furniture will be stored, and rebuilt based on new designs that will respond to a continuous exploration of ZONA MACO’s experience.

T A N A T is a Mexico City based architecture, art, and research practice founded by Diego Rivero Borrell.

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Status: Built
Location: México Distrito Federal, MX
Firm Role: Design and Construction
Additional Credits: Sergio López (Photography)