Ryohei Tanaka

Ryohei Tanaka

Tokyo, JP


pRC painting studio

We completed a renovation of a small atelier for a painter in a 25-year-old apartment building. Titled pRC (from patched reinforced concrete), the project grows out of an experimental technique employed here by the architects. They began by spraying a white paint onto existing concrete walls and ceiling, masked by a special EVA sheet with a cobweb-like pattern. This creates a surprising effect for the onlooker.

As a result, the surface of the wall became a texture, somewhat like a floral pattern: surfaces in the interior mix the texture of the old wall (that had been left unfinished) with the new wall, now painted white. The process is inspired by Kintsugi, a Japanese technique for repairing broken pottery. Kintsugi involves patching cracked lines in gold. In this case, accident makes beautiful repair. In this interior, a new harmony has been achieved, and the architects remark that "for the wall, something old is not just old, it is better than just new".

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Status: Built
Location: Nagoya, JP
My Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Photography : Junten Morita
Construction:Kenji Okubo / DOUGU