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“The Architecture of Dreams”

Gabriel Carvajal Niño
Oct 12, '19 1:26 PM EST

Advanced Architecture Concepts by Gustavo Triana at The Institute of advanced architecture of Catalonia“The Architecture of Dreams”

There are concerns that have increased in recent years and is about how the natural environment is related to the built environment and how it is no longer the sole concern of the architects and the way we, as architects we approach it.

The rapid growth of cities, generated mainly due to population growth and migration of people from rural areas to cities continued proliferation of vertical solutions that solves one of the many problems associated with population density, but not the problems that architects must solve in an urban environment related to the conditions of the inhabitants. The resolution of these problems related to human habitat, which should be solved by the subject matter experts, such as architects, urban designers and planners, no longer seem to matter, as the economic interests of the private sector and the proliferation of technological solutions somehow have addressed the problem, but can not meet the needs and requirements from the intangible conditions and their relationship with the environment inhabited. These intangible conditions are the most important components for the inhabitants of the architectural project.