Jordan Swartz

Jordan Swartz

York, PA, US


Brooklyn Fire Station

Linear Shift is about using a long pathway for site organization and public access. It was important that the site feel welcoming to the public because of its promised use.  The site was proposed to be a park that would serve the community but has yet to be constructed. Keeping this in mind, this design creates a firehouse and public building that do not inhibit the sites ability to be a communal green space.

Site strategy

The site is organized around a linear pathway that crosses from the cityscape to the shoreline. It is seen as an extension of the residential grid that is situated next to the site. This invites those residing there as well as anyone walking by to experience the entire plot. Once the pathway reaches the shoreline, it juts into the ocean and serves as a lookout point towards Manhattan. 

Project was completed during my third year of school.

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Status: School Project
Location: Greenpoint, NY, US