Suxiang Deng

Suxiang Deng

Savannah, GA, US

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I have graduated from SCAD and now finding a job to have a whole new experience in this field. I am interested in immersive environments and exhibitions design. To learn more about this part, I am trying to learn from production design and film. I'm a freelancer right now, and I am working with a team focus on residential. I do rendering and drafting works.


Sureste Park Estates, Decatur, GA, Drafter

I'm working as a freelance with Sureste Partners. I do rendering and drafting works in the team.

Oct 2019 - current


Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA, US, Bachelors, Architecture

I am a transfer from China University of Mining and Technology; however, I didn't change my major because I love it passionately. I believed that architecture is a kind of art that creates an experiential space for people or other clients. The architecture I learned in CUMTB included structure and system. It is much more logical and limited than I thought because we always tried to find the balance between our design and the client's requirement. I have to admit that it does reflect the reality, but that's a little bit pressure for a student. That's why I choose to transfer to SCAD. SCAD did give me freedom in design and creativity. More importantly, I came to realize the logical thinking between design and reality. That's what the two architectural learning experiences bring me into my design ideal.

Jan 2017 - Jun 2019

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