Suvik Patel

Suvik Patel

Oshawa, ON, CA



I am a third year student at the Laurentian School of Architecture, and I am looking for a cooperative placement. 

I see each project as an opportunity for my self to experience the essense of something new for an in-depth research analysis, allowing myself to push design responses beyond the brief to an unpredicatable territory. This constantly challenges my physical and mental capabilties into a wide range of unfamiliar topics that enrich my brain and work. 


Tahrana Lovlin, Guelph, ON, CA, Senior Project Engineer

I was the jack-of-all-trades, doing whatever small tasks other members of team required (i.e., coordinating with the model shop, laying out sensors, reviewing drawings, etc.). I also had an assignment of my own, entering 10 years of project locations into Google Earth, in order to make searching for previous jobs (we did approximately 100 a year) easier.

Jun 2011 - Aug 2011


Laurentian University - Université Laurentienne, Sudbury, ON, CA, BArch, Architecture

The Laurentian School of Architecture is built around the strong idea of a design built program. The types of projects we are assigned are more hands on and less conceptual. We have real clients, real budgets, real needs that we must accomplish within our design which in turn better prepares us when we enter into the work force for our coop program.

Sep 2013 - current


International Velux Award, Honorable Mention

This Honorable mention was of our design build project for our ice hut in first year.

"The award encourages projects that celebrate the privilege of being a student with curiosity and with the willingness to think “out of the box” – as well as consider the social, sociological and environmental dimension of daylight."


Areas of Specialization