t. joseph surjan

t. joseph surjan

Chicago, IL, US


Grand Central Time

Grand Central Time

Inside the great hall of the terminal there is no time.

In this hall a clock represents the location to meet, but not as a place to intersect eternally. A connection can be made at this clock, and normally it is made so by many of its guests. The real connections are to the trains, which are housed under this great hall, as a secondary timetable is set by each and every one of them. The platforms below the great hall are as full as any area in the terminal, but a single space is reserved by a select few. These few are beyond the surface of the terminal’s floors, and are also above the planet Earth itself. 

The ceiling of the great hall is their home and acts as a constellation for all to encompass. This constellation only has eight characters, each of which is a specific sign to the heavens. The creatures of this sky form their own personal galaxy, of which animals and humans can co-exist free of gravity. The relationship between these eight are watched and viewed by billions, inside and outside this great hall of time. Their arrangement is a trajectory of self-portraits that each spectator will live out in their daily lives. A life, which the great hall’s constellation or galaxy of one’s choosing, is timeless in comparison to a traveler’s path back and forth from the terminal’s depths. These travelers find themselves in an endless loop of which the eight characters witness daily. The eight freely give their signs to any traveler for the asking, but none ever have the time to ask.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: designer & writer
Additional Credits: S. Hjelte Fumanelli - project architect & digital modeling