Studio Vertebra

Studio Vertebra

Istanbul, TR



Naci Topcuoglu Science Center that was designed in Gaziantep by Studio Vertebra, an Istanbul-based architectural design office, is located in one of the developing regions of the city, on a land adjacent to the techno-park area. Aiming at offering an ergonomic, modest and holistic design to its guests by taking into account the triangular form, slope and environmental functions of the area where it is located, the structure has a construction area of 15,000 sqm.

Studio Vertebra enabled creation of suitable areas for the desired exhibition concept by adopting the same modest style in the interior spaces of Naci Topcuoglu Science Center. While part of the structure was embedded in the ground in order to integrate it into the area it is built on, the topography was elevated towards the building to obscure the border that separates the building and the landscape.

The building envelope, on the other hand, was designed in a modest yet attractive and timeless form. The intriguing building envelope with its entrance emphasized at a single point attracts attention by being accentuated with light bands whilst at the same time preserving its modesty. With some parts of the building envelope left blind, the required dimness is achieved at the exhibition areas, and the inner courtyard opened at the center of the structure is aimed at enabling the interior of the structure to make use of the day light in a controlled manner.

The square, which is located on the facade of Naci Topcuoglu Science Center and forms the entrance with its gradually narrowing form towards the building, is designed in a way that allows space for outdoor exhibition areas planned to be formed. The floor design created for the square presents a visual feast of the images of star and galaxy maps in the sky by making use of light effects, and offers an effective installation art area to the user.

Being one of the significant functions of the project and shaping the design, the main component “planetarium orb” is placed on the entrance axis of the building, at a central point of the interior space. In this way, the planetarium orb serves as an object that accentuates the holistic appearance of the interior space from a single point at the center. The sustainability criteria considered at the design phase of Naci Topcuoglu Science Center project have also been effective for shaping the structure and the landscape works. With its heat and water insulation, efficiently-used day light, and energy - efficient designs used for landscape in order to ensure sustainability, the project offers design-based rather than mechanical-based solutions.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Gaziantep, TR
Firm Role: Architect