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Studio Shamshiri

Los Angeles


Libbey House

Built in 1908, the house was architects Myron Hunt and Elmer Grey’s first Craftsman-style project. When we first saw it, the house was decorated in furnishings appropriate to the arts and crafts era. The goal was to create something more comfortable and amenable to entertaining and spending time with immediate and extended family. We worked with furniture that, while not necessarily from the era, was inspired by it: pieces handcrafted from materials that aged gracefully by designers such as George Nakashima, Alma Allen, Michael Wilson, and Adam Kurtzman, among others. The challenge was to create a modern environment that resonated with the beautiful setting and referenced the early California days as well as modernism rooted in craftsmanship.

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Status: Built
Location: Ojai, CA, US
Additional Credits: Photography by Francois Halard and Shade Degges