Studio Selva

Studio Selva

Amsterdam, NL


Westersingel Bridge

The shape of the new bridge follows the logical movement of the pedestrians that cross from the urban context of Kortenaerstraat over the water, and to the right or left in the informal and green surroundings of the Westersingel. The strict but at the same time organic shape gives the bridge a contemporary and romantic character that fits the atmosphere of the area. Its lightly bent shape lets maintenance boats pass underneath, while emphasizing the effort of crossing the bridge.

The railing consists of brass profiles. This choice of material refers to the bronze public artworks that are lining the Westersingel. The idea is to apply sustainable and honest materials in a contemporary manner, with a refined detailing. In this way the new bridge can be seen as a city ornament, strengthening the monumental heritage status of its surroundings.

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Status: Built
Location: Rotterdam, NL
Additional Credits: Anouk Vogel landscape architecture