roberto murgia architetto

roberto murgia architetto

Milano, IT


house small home

the living area, full of books, objects and furniture, has an open kitchen and an iron staircase leading to the bedroom. the second floor is obtained from the recovery of the attic, recently created by the lowering of the floor of 50 cm. at the second floor there is the sleeping area with large beams in evidence, the white wooden floor, a bed and little more. a simple and friendly atmosphere, made special by the big sign of a historical book shop of turin (transformed into a muji shop). here we also find a chair by gaetano pesce and an original eames .
interesting the bathroom floor that recall the floor of the old churches. they're made with handmade cement tiles on design. we find them also in the kitchen downstairs. small hexagons, arranged in random order, form unique geometries in the colors of white and blue. the kitchen is industrial, produced by angelo po.
for the walls is chosen a plaster for exterior, treated with wax, in gray color. the walls show the imperfections, brush strokes are evident. between the windows, a picture of paris by francesco jodice portrays les olympiades. an old table and ikea chairs are juxtaposed with design pieces like the lamps smithfield and parentheses (by flos), the chairs euphoria by paola navone (eumenes) and the pouf by jasper morrison (caps). within the bookcase, the protagonist of the room: the fireplace.

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Status: Built
Location: Milan, IT
My Role: architect
Additional Credits: valentina ravara architetto