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Saint Petersburg, FL


Zazen Bear

Zazen Bear is a serene and light-filled jewelry and gift store located in the Rockefeller Center© Concourse Level. Originating in SoHo, this second location was conceived as an urban sanctuary that would set itself apart and offer visitors repose from the chaos of its surrounding environment. Studio Marlowe combined the elegance and simplicity of the brand with the Art Deco architectural sensibility of the building's history to create a subtle tapestry of textures. Pickled oak, felt, glass, and light accentuate the products on display, while a series of custom designed vitrines, cabinetry, and reception desk help to maximize inventory and draws the the visitor's attention. A series of coves and concealed lighting allow the vitrines, wall, and ceiling to float, visually expanding the space, and together offers a unique experience that is as delicate and well-crafted as the jewelry itself.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
Firm Role: Design Firm