Studio DuBois

Studio DuBois

New York, NY


New School Computer Center

A core facility at The New School, the Computer Center is a vital part of the teaching, learning and social experience.  The heavily used Center serves students from all departments and offers extensive summer hours, late nights during the semester and 24 hour access during exam periods.

The lower level houses a computer study hall with 120 stations arranged in groups of six around the original concrete columns.  This arrangement gives more space to each station and is much more relaxed than traditional rows of workstations.

A new metal and glass stair connects the two levels, giving easy access to the lounge and classrooms on the upper floor.  Reducing demand on the elevators and encouraging physical activity are small but important aspects of the sustainable design.  The ability to circulate easily from classroom to lounge to study hall provides a stimulating variety of learning and socializing environments.

The two 12,000 sf open loft floors were kept as open as possible, with carefully laid out ductwork, sprinklers, lighting and cable trays.  Floor to ceiling glass partitions around the classrooms continue that open loft character, allowing daylight into the classrooms and making the teaching more visible and attractive.  The ten classrooms on the two floors offer a variety of room sizes and are popular as additional study space when not used for instruction.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US