Jose Humberto Garcia

Jose Humberto Garcia

Lima, PE



I am currently living in the city of Lima , Peru. I am 45 years old . Grew up in the city of Arequipa, moved out at age 14 to Miami Florida. Worked as an intern in a couple of firms there in Miami. Last Job I worked as a junior architect for Greshaw Smith & Partners back in Spring 2006. Moved out of US back in 2008.

I can design, create, draw schematics of comercial, residential and light industrial buildings using programs such as CAD 2016,17,18. SketchUp 2016. Make good models of Wood or Posterboard to explain design ideas and methods of construction. Team player, positive attitude towards design goals, respectful and open minded about other's design abilitites and criteria.

I pay close attention to detail on a daily basis and try to meet deadline with clients everytime. Work closely with project managers and contractors to make sure we have the right specs or shop drawings ready to go.I am aware of building code and do my best to design according to building code.


Gresham Smith and Partners and Bersa Group Co., Fountainbleau, FL, US, Junior Architect

Participate on inhouse design construction meetings in regards to current office project developments.
Participate on design process for renovations and extensions on projects such as Mount Sinai in the city of Fourtlaudardale, Fl.
Review Schematics and design print outs for govermental building projects.
Revise,scan and print sets of schematics for Engineeting or city revision and approval.
On site trips to better formulate and developed correct design plan strategy to alter or present a better more clean schematic product.
Daily office related assigments include meetings with design group or team to finalize on a specific design task on an specific project.
Comunication on a daily basis with design team via email about contractors and deadlines.
Meetings with contractors to overview deadlines on a project.
Meetings with contractors and vendors to overview new projects , new materials or methods of construction in regards to a project.
Use of CAD, SketchUp and Microstation to work on a variety of projects.

Jan 2006 - May 2006


University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, US, Bachelors, Architecture

Structures I
Structures II
Materials and Methods I & II
History of Architecture 1,2, & 3.
New Building Development 1 & 2
Design 1-8

Jan 1999 - Aug 2001

Areas of Specialization