Steven Bayne

Steven Bayne

Los Angeles, CA, US


Hyperion Wastewater Treatment Plant

The full secondary construction program replaced nearly every 1950-vintage wastewater processing system at Hyperion, with 32 buildings. The full secondary system, completed in 1998, meant:
-Treatment capacity was expanded to prevent virtually all minute particles suspended in effluent from being discharged to the ocean environment
-Production of the cleanest effluent in over 100 years
-The end of wastewater spills at Hyperion
-A 95% reduction in the amount of wastewater solids going into Santa Monica Bay
-The elimination of the Bay's ecological dead-zone near the mouth of the sludge outfall
-Vast improvements in biological integrity of the bottom-dwelling marine community
-Remarkable increases in the relative abundance of many indicator-species
-Partnerships among the public, regulatory agencies, government and discharges that led to one of the great environmental achievements of the 20th Century.

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Status: Built
Location: Playa del Rey, CA, US
My Role: Job Captain