Stephen Strugala

Stephen Strugala

Santa Monica CA, US


The El Mirador Residence

4,310 square foot custom contemporary structure with 360 square foot pool pavilion nestled within a 16,200 square foot flat lot in the heart of Palm Springs, California.  

The El Mirador Residence is a private residence centered in the heart of the El Mirador Estates on a 16,000 sq ft flat site with spectacular west and south facing views of the the San Jacinto Mountains.  The selective use of intimate full height windows and expansive Fleetwood Sliding Doors allows for a dynamic dichotomy of solid and void which embraces the surrounding landscape and site.  A 30' dual pocketing sliding door system allows for a multi-use great room to seamlessly transition from interior to exterior.  Generous overhangs further extend the spaces while providing an abundance of shade and natural ventillation which results in a natural passive cooling system, thus reducing the mechanical loads on the building.  Rolling draperies enclose the overhangs and sliding doors during periods of direct sunlight while allowing diffused light to filter through for an ambient lighting effect.

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Status: Built
Location: Palm Springs, CA, US
My Role: Principal Designer
Additional Credits: Structural Engineer: Tod Martin, Martin Structural Consulting
Civil Engineer: Amir Fayazrad, Amir Engineering
Contractor: Sean Flannery, Desert Art House