Space Mexico

Space Mexico

Mexico, MX


Kantar World Panel

Kantar World Panel was known as being one of the firms most important market knowledge worldwide, needed a makeover to upgrade to their brand.

He was in a building on the Countess who needed to be rehabilitated with a moderate budget and reused most of the elements, so the design concept revolved around a dynamic, modern and sustainable above. The use of color was a fundamental part in the conception of this project which was retaken by the colors yellow and green of the brand to achieve the spatial change.

The reception is an industrial space with metal walls, screens and a yellow floor suggests that what happens inside the space.

When we entered office we have a different world, carpets, ceilings and walls with circulations in a mess at first glance is very tangible, but paying attention noticed the same order within chaos. A base color and paint and carpet accents totally changed the image of this space.

The design has an impact as a whole in three dimensions.

Large open spaces, a room type "crate" of reclaimed wood and a meeting room wrapped in a metal mesh facing the modern space and the flexibility to leave transformed over time from the hand of the company. On the 1st floor are the offices of management and a board room in white, black and yellow that involve the brand at every formal space.

The 2nd level is a large open space that serves as cafeteria, presentation and events as well as a large terrace where people can go off a bit of work.

All enclosed spaces, boardrooms, private phone and boots have their own name chosen by the people who work there, giving them a sense of belonging, commitment and brotherhood.

Color and lighting work together to improve the environment, productivity, sustainability and the final result.

Designed to exert little impact on the environment, these offices are green lines and low VOC's, lower energy consumption, green carpets, certified wood and recycling areas.

With all this was achieved to create a branding experience within the space of Kantar World Panel.

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Status: Built
Location: México, MX
My Role: Director of the project
Additional Credits: Chief Designer: Juan Carlos Baumgartner
Partner: Jimena Fernandez
Team: Humberto Soto / Yuri Ramirez
Lighting design: LUA
General Contractor: GIA
Project Management: CBRE
Carpets: Bigelow
Furniture: Riviera