Sophio Paksashvili

Sophio Paksashvili

New York, NY, US


Urban Oasis

A remarkable house designed for a young family is located near Tbilisi in the Tkhinvali neighborhood, around Lisi Lake. The house is built with the priorities of optimal functionality and a strong connection between nature and its inhabitants. Transparent glass and greenery are seamlessly integrated, creating a unique connection between indoor and outdoor spaces, and these green spaces are integrated with other functions, bringing nature into daily activities. The house also features a green oasis along the vertical axis that allows these spaces to have direct contact with natural light and ventilation.

The design process incorporated the "Tbilisi yard" or "Italian yard" concept, where the living spaces are arranged around an inner courtyard. The central idea was to create a closed atrium that's not visible from the outside but provides diverse living spaces. Due to the narrow shape of the plot and architectural regulations, the western facade has no openings. The building is developed in the north and south direction, creating a central axis divided into three parts - front, middle, and back yard.

Most of the rooms in the house are arranged around the inner courtyard, which serves as the focal point of the layout. The style of the building combines elements of the East and West, reflecting the concept of the "Tbilisi yard." The metal staircase is the most prominent feature of the house, located in the inner courtyard, and has a dynamic shape that symbolizes the main design idea of the "Tbilisian Yard" model.

Each space in the house has been thoughtfully designed to provide comfort, functionality, and a unique experience for the family that inhabits it. The residents can enjoy the garden view from the living room, cabinet, and bedroom. As for the public guests, they can experience both art and nature at the same time. The house is full of fascinating details and perfectly blends architecture and nature.

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Status: Built
Location: Tbilisi, GE
My Role: Architect and Designer