Sonya Lee

Sonya Lee

New York, NY


321 Apt

Located in a 1920s building in the East Village of Manhattan, this two-bedroom apartment generously flexes between a spacious living room  and a guest bedroom.   Like many prewar co-ops, the existing layout was comprised of a series of small, confined rooms, cut off from each other, restricting both natural light and air.   Given that our client entertains frequently, has guests visit and often works from home, optimizing the apartment for multiple uses became critical.  The apartment was reconfigured to accommodate these scenarios.  A large custom 12-foot glass and blackened steel folding wall rests neatly in a niche, offering a spacious, open living space suited for entertaining.  When closed, its salvaged translucent industrial glass softly glows as a second bedroom.  Along the living room wall, a large shop-lacquered cabinet provides much needed storage and display.  Soft LED uplighting is integrated in the cabinetry.  A long kitchen island offers an informal seating and spatially connects the previously confined galley kitchen to the living room.  

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Photos by Alan Tansey