Nicholas Soniprasad

Nicholas Soniprasad

New York, NY, US


Film City Tower

The concept derives from the expressiveness of Bollywood cinema. Turning a bulk building complex to a tower was inspired by the urban fabric of New York City. Through the use of hexagonal floor plates an extra two view ports are created for visibility to all of the Mahim Bay. Program is stacked and shifted forming different scaled hexagonal plates, ranging from public use space such as museums, restaurants, and recreation center to private program such as film production studios and film school. The hexagonal floor plate provides a grid that divides the program. The panel mesh concrete skin is used to wrap all the floors to form one volume. The mesh panels create translucent images of Bollywood history. In the urban fabric of Mumbai, the Film City Tower would be an iconic feature, almost as iconic as Bollywood itself.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Mahim Bay, India
My Role: Lead Designer