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When I was really young, maybe five or six years old, my family built up a new cottage. One night, my grandfather asked me what I want to be when I grow up, “ I want to build up buildings.” Since then, the shine of stars that night, the naive but firm voice led me to be excellent through all my student age, and eventually I choose to learn Architecture in Tongji University, the first step of my future life.

I studied in Tongji, Shanghai, then be an intern in JWDA and worked in DC Alliance for 2.5 years. Thanks to my professors, supervisor, and teamleader, they guided me to be a more and more professional architectural designer.

Since the end of 2016, I started to work in LADS, I accepted to be there because they had a interesting architecture project, later more and more interior project came. Though I was not professional on this area,and actually pushing forward was really tough at the beginning, but after I strived hard on the first project and gradually I can do well in interior now.Last December, I went back to China, back to my hometown,when I stood in front of that old and almost worn out cabin, I could still feel the shining star that night, hear the young voice over decades of time.

After I came back to US, I started to make up my portfolio, reviewing the projects I did makes me became much more confident and firm: I have lost my pride and was humble since the first time I came to New York, but now, the young and naive teenager is coming back.



Li & Associates Design Studio Inc., Brooklyn, NY, US, Architectural Designer

The works I did in LADS:
Nov.2016 - Jan. 2017
Liheng Material Showroom
I took part in LADS necause the founder Lunji Li, my classmate in Pratt Institute, got this project but he need to find someone to support the developed design, and just in time I can do it. I took part with the circulation plan and the interior space desin, and drew all the AutoCAD drawings.(In Portfolio)

Feb.2017 - Apr.2017
1268 Amsterdam Ave. Restaurant
My first interior design project, I did everything all by myself, from the site survey to measure the size, to draw to DOB application drawing, detailed construction design drawing, selecting the furniture and lighting, making up the FFE file. I made a lot of mistakes during the pushing forward process, but also I learnt a lot. Now this project is almost done and will open soon.(In Portfolio)

Mar.2017 - Aug.2017
Edison NJ restaurant
This project was from the same client, since it was next the H Mart Edison, so the client hope to make it a noshery restaurant. Mostly I followed his idea in the space design, and in some detail, I tried make it better.(In Portfolio)

Jul.2017 - Nov.2017
531 Myrtle Ave. Restaurant
The site of this project is a new building, so there was lots of paper work need to do, which led the progress very slow. The client hope to make it a fancy restaurant with beer bar, and so I cut the space into several areas, and used many special material such as translucent concrete, customized the lights, wine rack, bar tables, wall sculpture, washroom sink and so on.(In Portfolio)

Sep.2017 - Jan.2018
550 Vanderbilt St. Residence Interior Desin
This project was about decoration and part of renovation in a brand new luxurious residence. The work I did the most was design some customized furniture, such as the incorporated wall-bed with desk, special book shelf with side shelf and so on.

Nov 2016 - current

Dc Alliance, Shanghai, CN, Intermediate Architect

Here I list almost all the projects I did or took part in when I was in DC Alliance.

Aug.2013 - Sep.2013
Wuqing new District busibess park
Reviewing, reporting and learning to revise the construction drawing with AutoCAD

Sep.2013 - Oct.2013
Wuhan Jiaozhiyuan Commercial Center
Taking part with the general urban design, hotel facade design and a high-rise residence design.(In Portfolio)

Oct.2013 - Nov.2013
Yinyi Group Headquarters
Scheme design with team leader Yong Hu, made up a design alone with technological guidance from Yong.(In Portfolio)

Nov.2013 - Dec.2013
Qujing Commercial CBD
Working with teammate MIngji Li to manage the urban desin layout, designing the apartment and community individually.(In Portfolio)

Dec.2013 - Sep.2014
Ningbo International New Material Park
In tender stage, working together with teammate to get the distric planning, rendering the annimation of our design; in developing design stage, design the Sunken Plaza,hotel and apartment at left corner, the landmark high-rise office building at the right corner with technological guidance from design director Xingbin Tu.(In Portfolio)

Mar.2014 - May. 2014
Taizhou Medical City
Coorperating with teammates Xiaoqing Huang, Yong Hu, Mingji Li to make up the district plan; design the central hospital alone with lots of research and some help from other group in DC Alliance.(In Portfolio)

Sep. 2014 - Oct.2014
DC Alliance design criteria of business park
Our company moved to a new office and was trying to expand, so our team was assigned to do some reseach about the design criteria of business park. I took charge of case studying and project development mode.

Oct.2014 - Feb.2015
Ningbo E-Commerce City
This project is a "land project", which means the developer would use the design from us to persuade the goverment sell them the land, So this project was very conceptual. Only Yong Hu and me worked on this project, we did the district planning together, then I took charge with the high-rise offices and mega-structure mall.

Jan.2015 - Apr.2015
Liandong Tongzhou Logistics Industry Park
This project was a commission project, and the size was relatively small( about 40,000 SQM), only Mingji Li and me took part in this project and I did the works about the high-rise office like usual. This project was the first time I drew the developed design by myself.

Apr.2015 - May 2015
Sunma Primary School
This was a tender project, we only had three week to get it done, a tough yet happy memory.
In this project, I designed the dining hall, stadium, library and some perspective renderings and annimation rendering.(In Portfolio)

May 2015 - Jul.2015
Haier Loop
Same as the project Ningbo E-Commerce City, this was also a "land project", the size of this project was super large, and we cooperated with another team which mained residence design. We provided the district planning, and took charge of the public areas. I designed the school and museum in this project.(In Portfolio)

Jul.2015 - Oct.2015
Yichang Juanqiaohe New District Promoter Commercial Park
This was the last project I did in DC Alliance, at first I took charge of the special-shaped retail and sale office at left corner, later I was assigned another two buildings by the sides of the middle entrance. The project is still under building now and some parts has been opened. (In Portfolio)

Jul 2013 - Oct 2015


Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, US, Masters, Architecture

May 2016 - May 2017

Tongji University, Shanghai, CN, BArch, Architecture

Aug 2008 - May 2013

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