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Turkish Airlines International Lounges

A flowing, ribbon-like wall has been installed in the new Istanbul Airport that unites a suite of lounges, forming an intuitive route through space that transcends barriers of language and culture. Designed by Softroom for Turkish Airlines, the Flow Wall is over a kilometre long, making it one of the longest parametric interior forms in the world. It provides the visual signature that weaves through the six new lounges, creating a series of unified areas that cater for the differing needs of passengers.

The wall and the 19,000 sqm of lounges that it knits together are the result of an international competition won by Softroom to create physical spaces that embody Turkish Airline’s new brand philosophy of ‘flow’ within the airport environment. But beyond symbolic value, the Flow Wall directly forms a seamless passenger journey, by acting as an organising feature through a series of lounges. The wall shifts and changes as it moves through the lounges to accentuate various functions. When it reaches the cinema room, it shrinks down to draw passengers towards the screen, while at the main kitchen area it raises up into a peak to act as a beacon from afar.

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Status: Built