Vienna, AT


Uhrwerk (shop)

Uhrwerk (=clockwork): concentration as signs in time.

Architecture as multitasking-talent. Sometimes you have to put a lot of function in a very small space. That means multitasking for architecture. We develop solutions that handle small scaled spaces with intelligence and sovereignty. The key is to bunch, overlap and concentrate. And thirst comes thirst: to think.

...precise like a clockwork: the direction of impact for the conception was already given by the name of the project. With no more than 20 square-meters base our challenge was to plan and realise a full-fledged watchmaker-workshop. That meant for us to plan functional areas accurate to a millimeter - not next to each other - but inside and over each other, trough flexible structures and entanglements.

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Status: Built
Location: Vienna, AT
Firm Role: concept, planning, design, budgeting, building inspection