México Distrito Federal, MX



G104  its an apartment building located in downtown Mexico City set to begin construction next November 2017.

The biggest challenge is to integrate the façade of a 1915 existing building  with the new construction. The conservation of the old façade and its integration with the new façade gives added value to the apartment complex in an old neighborhood that’s living a revival with new construction.

The projects have 36 apartments (4 in every floor) with 65sqm each and a common roof garden, parking for cars and bicycles and a small  common area located on the ground floor.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: mexico city
Firm Role: architecture
Additional Credits: Development by LIVING+SLVK
Architecture SLVK (Gustavo Slovik + Edgar Guzman, Eduardo Gonzales, Francisco Siller, Daniela Catala)
Structural Design Ing. Juan Felipe Heredia Mellado