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INFINITY: New Spatial illusion for Exposed Ceilings Redefines Vertical Space

By TheSkyFactory
Nov 7, '19 4:41 PM EST
INFINITY SkyCeiling, a suspended ceiling cloud that provides biophilic engagement.
INFINITY SkyCeiling, a suspended ceiling cloud that provides biophilic engagement.

May 22, 2019 – Sky Factory introduces the INFINITY SkyCeiling, a suspended, image-based ceiling cloud designed for high ceilings and open plenum spaces. This circular virtual skylight generates a visceral experience of vertical space when viewed directly underneath its circumference. When viewed from any other vantage point, INFINITY transforms into an oblong luminous oculus.

The INFINITY SkyCeiling imbues contemporary interiors with calibrated daylight-quality light (correlated color temperature 6500K) filtered through the company’s research-verified, overhead sky imagery—Open Sky CompositionsTM—the only sky imagery of its kind to be deliberately designed to trigger a multisensory effect on the observer, resulting in deep relaxation.

Published fMRI research on the company’s sky imagery has shown that its photographic compositions engage areas of the brain involved in spatial cognition and depth perception. This pioneering research in neuroarchitecture, in other words, the neural correlates of nature stimuli, has earned multiple international awards and has been presented at prestigious forums, including at the Academy of Neuroscience for Architecture (ANFA) and the European Healthcare Design Conference.

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INFINITY SkyCeilings redefine vertical space through the interplay of daylight-quality light and proper perspective.

“The INFINITY SkyCeiling is Sky Factory’s first product developed in partnership with Armstrong Ceilings,” says Skye Witherspoon, CEO. “Most contemporary interiors take advantage of acoustic ceiling clouds to absorb ambient noise. However, an equally essential attribute that enables occupants to recharge their mental faculties and relax is a visual access to nature.

"Most contemporary interiors with exposed ceilings feature windows to urban landscapes, not to natural environments. And we know from both research and experience that only the latter, natural environments lead to cognitive restoration and emotional balance,” adds Witherspoon.

The INFINITY SkyCeiling alters this equation by allowing designers, facility managers, and wellness officers to incorporate a credible, multisensory illusion of open sky within their environment at any point, whether it is part of a major remodeling or as a retrofit installation.

The INFINITY SkyCeiling is the first Sky Factory product developed in partnership with Armstrong Ceilings as a biophilic feature tailored for contemporary commercial spaces.

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