The Sky Factory

The Sky Factory

Fairfield, IA


High Tech Factory Offices

Architect Doron Yehuda used award-winning illusions of nature to bring a natural quality of light and a sense of vertical expansion to the interiors of high tech factory offices in Kiryat Gat, Israel.

Luminous SkyCeilings are key elements in the designer's biophilic design strategy. Elliptical, circular, and rectilinear Luminous SkyCeilings complement the natural materials used by the designer, and bring a highly realistic sense, as well as the psycho-physiological benefits, of a beautiful sky to the workplace.

Our relationship to time is directly related to our relationship to space, and ample interior spaces that offer both Prospect & Refuge, a sense of connection to the exterior and a commanding vista of nature, have been found to correlate with higher productivity, employee health and well-being.

Terrapin Bright Green's The Economics of Biophilia quantifies many of the leading studies in corporate, healthcare, and commercial spaces. The new WELL Building Institute in collaboration with the USGBC have developed a new WELL Building Standard that discuss the importance for people to have a "right to light" in the workplace.

However, deep plan buildings, by design, lack direct access to daylight and many offices remain isolated from exterior windows. Illusions of nature were designed to bridge this gap and offer architects the ability to  create restorative spaces with quantifiable psycho-physiological benefits, even in fully enclosed built environments.

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Status: Built
Location: Kiryat Gat, Israel
Firm Role: Manufacturing by the Sky Factory
Additional Credits: Architect Doron Yehuda.