Sevara Khabibullaeva

Sevara Khabibullaeva

Champaign, IL, US


Normal City Public Library

Proposed design for Normal Public Library is located on One Normal Plaza, on the intersection of Pine St. and Beech St. in Normal Illinois. The main goal for the project was to create a space that would serve as “melting pot” for neighborhoods that are separated with an invisible wall. In order to achieve that direct connection is proposed; new road that is accessible by vehicle from West, and pedestrian access from East. Proposed library is very simple one floor, rectangle building with openings to exterior. The design emphasizes the importance of nature within the interior. Goal was to design a place where there is no distinguished break between the interior and exterior. Line of trees along the parking lot that is located on the West side of the building connects to the line of columns that support the big celebratory roof that slopes and brings water into the pond. Within the interior of the library, several openings serve as outdoor collecting or break area for the library patrons and employees. This proposal not only emphasize poetic quality of the library, but also brings importance to the practicality of the library; it has open flexible floor plan. Walls are as minimal as possible; spaces are divided by furniture. Also, the space between the ceiling and the roof allows for the mechanical to be installed. In addition to that overhangs on the North and South side of the building serves as air intake, and exhaust. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Normal, IL, US
My Role: Individual project