Sinan Ayaz

Sinan Ayaz

Istanbul, TR

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I am Sinan. I have graduated from Yıldız Technical University and received my Bachelor's Degreein in Architecture by ranking 1st in the department.

I am a passionate architect who likes to challenge the ordinary and demonstrates a strong desire to reflect his understanding and knowledge of design.

Throughout my architectural education, I chose to challenge myself by escaping from being ordinary at every stage and exhibiting different approaches.

I know that architecture has never been limited to academic education throughout his production life. In this endless process, about design and architecture. I look forward to experiencing new things in professional life.



Slash Architect, Istanbul, TR, Undergraduate Architect

Mar 2022 - May 2022


Yildiz Technical University, Istanbul, TR, BArch, Architecture

Throughout my education and internship life, I aimed to train myself to be able to play a role in a large office. I ran away from the mundane and became a challanger.

Sep 2018 - Jun 2022

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