Simona Regolo

Simona Regolo

Brooklyn, NY, US


Den of Thieves - Salone del mobile - exhibition

Den of Thieves is a boutique shop located in Brooklyn, New York; a metropolitan heaven for wood rescuers and junk collectors. It is the result of a collaboration between an architect (Simona Regolo) and a creative director (Giuseppe Furcolo) who share a love for design and a dislike for wasted goods. 

Nothing is lost. All is transformed 

The collections are designed around the materials they encounter. The pieces are purposefully built through a slow process of "tecnica improvvisata," making them beautifully imperfect, as if peering out at the uniformity of the modern world from a bygone era.

Every piece is handmade, whimsical and beautifully distressed. Every shape is organic, unpredictable and unique.
Pieces designed and built from scratch will be harmoniously blended with bric-à-brac antiques found, deconstructed & repurposed with a new, modern meaning. All of these compelling objects will be encased in a salvaged wood and metal structure with mellow lighting to create an absorbing experience which blurs the boundary between art and décor product.

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Status: Built
Location: Salone del mobile Milan
My Role: Designer-Architect
Additional Credits: Giuseppe Furcolo