Shuqi Xiong

Shuqi Xiong

Madison, WI, US


PATH Ambulatory Surgery Center

As a new trend of healthcare, ambulatory surgery center (ASC) provides patients with a higher quality of service at lower costs. PATH is an ASC that embrace the high quality of both services and environments. Not like any other typical clinic center, PATH brings in greeneries to highlight the relaxing and healing experience. Going to PATH for a clinic is almost like a pleasant and rejuvenating spa journey to Bali.

The concept, GREENWAY, generates from the impressive greenway system in Charlotte, NC. Greenway, as a way to connect people and surrounding places, provides its function of rejuvenation and refreshment. In the design, greenways are incorporated into each area in its unique ways to enhance the connection between the facilities and the users, including the staffs, patients, and their loved ones. Large indoor plants are planted inside glass boxes and on the ceilings. The green plants also serve as intriguing visual sensory elements which make the space inviting and welcoming, and help to release the stress and anxiety of patients. In addition to bring nature inside the clinic space, the greenways also function as a wayfinding system. By following the greenway, visitors can easily navigate through PATH.

Powered by OFS, the simple, purposeful and personal design of furniture provides a positive user experience for various user groups of PATH (the staffs, elderly, people with disability and parents with kids). Furniture systems selected from OFS and caroline healthcare are not only comfortable to use, but also adjustable for different situations and functions such as discovery, connection, focus and restoration. The furniture selection helps to convey a comfortable, proud and secure environment for the workers, as well as support the healing process of the patients and guests.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Charlotte, NC, US
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: This is a team project with Xinyan Xu