Shrey Sukhee

Shrey Sukhee

Houston, TX, US


Commercial Project at Tardeo

The client requested a space where his workers would have easy 24 hour access (in case of heavy delivery loads), but where he could enjoy his workspace as well. The space was imagined as a duopoly of the chaos of a garment industry being merged together with spatial ideas of leisure, being casual and unwinding after a long day.

This led to the design evolving into a number of spaces that cater to specific functions and ideas but all being wonnected with a liner simple lfow that allowed the user to move through all spaces and walk through the "process" of going from work to leisure.

As the client enters the building s/he is faced with the office functions and as they walk upwards towards the terrace floor, the spaces expand and become more open, to encourage the feeling of walking towards more leisurely spaces. As the client reaches the terrace foor, s/he is greeted with leisure spaces (such as roof gardens, outdoor seating amidst green roofs) to emulate the sense of unwinding after a long day of work.

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Status: Built
Location: Mumbai, IN
My Role: Architect - Design and Build