Shourya Jain

Shourya Jain

Ann Arbor, MI, US

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Having completed my Master's of Urban Design from the University of Michigan Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning, I seek to address real-world urbanization challenges. In my time at the University of Michigan, I have participated in varied researches and academic projects as part of my collaboration with Associate Professor María Arquero De Alarcón, focusing on urban strategies and experimentation promoting cultural and environmental territories under conditions of scarcity. My work has taken me to three different continents and I have been a part of projects in Ahmedabad, Detroit, and Sao Paulo.

I believe in the ability of architecture and urbanism to promote positive change. Trained as an architect in India, I believe in the power of collaboration to co-produce knowledge and generate responses to the contemporary challenges of urbanization. My education and previous experience seeded on me a way of working that aims to integrate rigorous technical expertise, design experimentation and the role of the urban humanities in creating more holistic approaches to the transformation of the built environment. I thrive in collaborative environments and learn by making and sharing.

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