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Haiti Life Tree

The Life Tree Project is a network of off-grid, self sustaining infra structural units that aim to respond to Haiti’s most immediate urban challenges: limited access to clean drinking water, electricity, and youth education.
Each unit pumps ground water to be stored on elevated tanks, which then filtered and distributed strategically to a community of approximately 7000 people. It will generate enough energy not only to supply clean water for nearby community, but also provide electricity for music education of children, and attract communal gathering through screen projections.
Driven by preceding two-year long research, life tree units are designed to exist in most vulnerable cities of Haiti. The Life Tree engages at multiple levels encompassing research, analysis and integrative design proposals that investigate the region’s most relevant social and cultural issues and translates them into design and policy proposals to meet specific community needs

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Status: Built
Additional Credits: UCLA Suprastudio, NOW Institute, Andre Simapranata, Zach Paul